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Safety Wrist Strap

Safety Wrist Strap

Safety Wrist Strap

Replacement safety handle wrist strap, 120cm (47") long with a loop at each end

This is a good long wrist strap, we recommend that it is anchored onto a lower part of the pushchair frame (down by the basket) instead of the handle. There is a velcro near the wrist end so that you can store it at the handle. If the strap is anchored onto the top handled if you stumble and fall it is possible to accidentally pull the pushchair down back onto yourself !

Using a wrist strap is important for the safety of your child. Pushchairs with larger wheels offer little resistance to the ground, if you let go on a slope without a wrist strap then the pushchair can quickly gain speed making it impossible for you to catch up. It is good practice to use the a wrist strap as a matter of habit just as you automatically use the seat belt in your car.

Total Price 5.95 (including delivery and VAT at 20%)

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